Join the beep target team and benefit

    What benefits will your business get?

    Why does your business need to have a Beep Target system?
    It’s easy to start earning money with Beep Target! This is your easy start or an additional element in the work!

    Beep Target – a universal system that is suitable for training: of firearms, paintball and airsoft weapons. You will be able to use our system depending on your line of business.

    Using the Beep Target system for your club you can start making even more money right now!

    • Expand your catalog of customer services with our system. Because, a smart system of targets will make training even more dynamic.
    • We have developed for you a variety of modes of difficulty, for different purposes and preferences.
    • Our LED hit indicators on targets, changing their colors during training and depending on the selected mode – will make it even more exciting.

    The workout can be customized for one or more shooters. Your client chooses only the game and the difficulty. All results are displayed on a tablet or smartphone in our free application. The instructor instantly receives the results on the screen and at the end of training, and does not spend time counting the total number of hits, reaction time for each shot, game time (depending on the selected training mode).

    • Track and analyze your results right away!
    • Save time for your instructor’s and allow you to reach more clients.

    Thanks to our development, your clients can train and develop their shooting and tactical skills: reaction, accuracy, endurance, memory, coordination and tactical literacy.

    Using our recommendations you can receive even more income, as well as get the opportunity to increase the number of loyal customers.

    We can proudly say that our system really ignites players to win!