Game modes



Reflex Skills

Top Gun

  • After starting the mode, all targets light up in one color.
  • After each hit of the target – the color changes.
  • Training ends after pressing the “Stop” button.

In the results shows the total number of hits, hits on each target and the time of the exercise.

The mode is as universal as possible and without restrictions for performing certain exercises. In essence, the mode is a hit recorder with visualization on the target and the smartphone.

Probably the most dynamic and exciting mode available today. Because the program itself will set the pace and mode of shooting, and display the results on the smartphone, which greatly simplifies the work of the instructor. This mode will add excitement to the training of shooters. This is a great tool for developing visual identification of the target, reaction time, accuracy and shooting in stressful, ever-increasing tempo.

  • Targets light up one by one at an increasing rate (minimum delay 0.2s).
  • After the defeat, the target goes out.
  • The game ends when all the targets light up at the same time.

The task: to last as long as possible
Required number of targets: +4

«Survive» equipped with difficulty modes (the increase changing tempo of the rate of activation of targets), and to adapt for different target situations, difficulty modes are programmed immediately in the application in a wide range.

To practice the splits, it is possible to adjust the number of hits to hit the target (range 1-9)

In the results reflect the number of hits and the time of origin of training.

Before starting the game, select the required series of shots and press the Start button.

  • Try to hit as fast as possible.
  • The game will end after the selected number of hits.
  • Application will calculate the reaction time for each shot and the average reaction time for all shots.
  • After hitting the target goes out
  • Number of participants: 1

Start the game with a friend and determine which of you is more accurate and faster.
Which one of you is TOP GUN?

To customize the game for yourself, go to the settings and select the number of shots to complete the game “setting name”, or choose the game time for which you need to hit as many times as possible in the “setting name”. Also choose for yourself the color of the targets you will hit in the “setting name” and the number of hits in the target to hit it “setting name”.

  • Number of participants: 2