Steel targets silhouette 500 * 300

Target – gong Silhouette – a current model of target equipment for equipping military ranges, professional shooting ranges, and organizing shooting ranges in field conditions.

Linear dimensions (H/W, mm — 500 x 300)
Thickness – 10 mm
Material – armored steel Velmet ARMOR ARM-550
Weight – 8.2 kg
Design features and advantages of the Silhouette target
The steel targets of the Silhouette gong repeat the contours of the upper part of the human body (head, chest, torso):

Can be hardened using the special Triplex technology (hard-soft-hard). The inner layer of metal acts as a kind of damper that prevents surface cracking, increasing the durability of the target.
Increases the efficiency of the training process due to the absence of the need to interrupt every time to evaluate the effectiveness of shots. When the target is accurately hit, the characteristic sound of hitting metal on metal is heard.
The Silhouette target is suitable for practicing shots from short and long distances from various types of rifled and smoothbore weapons.

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